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Product Spotlight: Lyzzick Mid-Height Wellington Boots

Updated: Jan 25

Shining a light on the 7 North Carlisle team's hero brand Lakeland Active's fashion-focused wellington boot: The Mid-Height Lyzzick Wellington Boots.

Launched in November 2022, our Lyzzick boots have become adored by customers across the UK wanting to combine the practicality of waterproof-wellies with stylish footwear they can wear anywhere. In this blog we're going to dive into the story behind the Lyzzick boots and why we added them into our Lakeland Active product catalogue!

7 North Carlisle Product spotlight on the Lyzzick Mid-Height Wellington Boots

The thinking behind the Lyzzicks was simple: add a splash of style and colour into our Autumn/Winter footwear collection. Made from 100% premium natural rubber the Lyzzick boots are waterproof, versatile, ultra comfortable (they have oh-so-soft faux-fur insoles!) and they look great with jeans, leggings, a skirt or shorts. The Lyzzicks quickly captured the hearts of our customers (and our team!), with the Green version becoming a best selling customer favourite.

An Office Favourite

It's no secret in the office that the Lyzzick boots Number 1 fan is Jen, our Customer Service specialist. Let's hear what Jen has to say...

"I love my Lyzzick wellies, they're perfect for those muddy days! I've worn them on many occasions, from walking with Alpacas to running around in the fields chasing after my little Jack Russell! I struggle finding taller wellies that fit, so these are the ideal height with plenty of room. They truly make these dark cold evening dog walks a little easier!"

We'll spare the gory details of why Jen has already owned TWO pairs of Lyzzick boots (let's just say, it involves a misadventure with a snail climbing inside her wellie - eeek!).

A Look Behind-the-scenes with the Lyzzicks

Ever wondered what goes on at a Lakeland Active photo shoot? It's a combination of shoe-changing, leg bending, list ticking and just the right amount of chaos (you'll often find us testing the limits of how MANY products one person can hold.) We also love having DOGS on a photo shoot... BEST PROPS EVER.

Our Director of Strategy, Becs, often sneaks in some cuddles with our favourite models in between takes.

Over the years, we've mastered the art of managing our four-legged friends on shoots (aka bribing them with doggie treats). Surely you didn't think we got our perfect photos by chance?!

If we sound like a team that you'd love to join, head to our Vacancies page where you can keep a eye on all 7 North jobs vacancies based Carlisle, Cumbria.

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