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Team Spotlight - Our Head of Advertising

Updated: 6 days ago

Our Head of Advertising, Stuart, joined the 7 North team in 2018 and is the genius behind our digital marketing strategy and results-orientated advertising campaigns across our 5 successful brands. His love for numbers and data has him playing a crucial role in driving our business on Amazon and beyond.

When he's not busy turning data into results, you can find Stuart cycling, kayaking, walking or pumping iron in his home gym. The one thing that Stuart loves more than advertising? The great outdoors... or, his Strava app. We're still trying to work that one out, but we've been told it's only a mild obsession!

Now, onto the inevitable topic: football. Stuart is an avid supporter of Carlisle United, and he's got a play-by-play for any willing listener. In fact, he can talk to most people about anything (and everything) for hours on end. Rumour has it, silence is afraid of Stu.

Favourite thing about 7 North? "The job itself and the people - what a lovely bunch! It's dynamic, with a lot going on." Favourite product? The best-selling Eden water shoe! Perfect for his after-work swims and paddles in Ullswater or kayaking up in the Lochs of western Scotland. They drain quickly, protect your feet and look good at the same time.

If we sound like a team you'd like to join, we've got good news! We are hiring at 7 North - take a look at our Vacancies page to find our current job listings based in Carlisle, Cumbria.

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