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Getting Back to Nature With a Bit of Forest Bathing

Updated: Apr 16

Braving the elements (despite the dodgy weather forecast) members of our 7 North team recently headed outdoors to spend an afternoon forest bathing in the beautiful surroundings of Whinlatter Forest.⁠

7 North team whinlatter forest bathing lakeland active lake district jobs in carlisle
7 North team head into Whinlatter Forest

Fully prepped for the woodland outing (obviously we had our Lakeland Active Rydal Wellington Boots and Ullswater Waterproof Holdalls) the Cumbrian weather predictably made a star appearance. It chucked it down for three hours solid but that didn't stop everyone feeling totally rejuvenated and refreshed (if a little damp) from the session.

As Kate our Product Developer said “The rain was actually quite soothing and calming as we sat still and listened to the raindrops hit the canopy."

We feel so lucky to have the Lake District and places like Whinlatter Forest on our doorstep. The time spent outdoors together helped our team get to know each other better and encouraged us to slow-down and take the time to unwind.

Jen in our Customer Services team agreed “It got the team talking in a different way than we usually do in the office. It forced us to slow down a little and appreciate our surroundings a little more, which can't be bad thing!”

One of our directors Will even hugged a tree or two.

Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing is a natural well-being therapy originating from Japan. It has been scientifically proven to have many benefits including boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress levels and elevating mood and energy levels. Research shows that just being in nature for just 2 hours per week can have a significant benefit to our health. Shinrin-Yoku takes this one step further, combining a series of mindful and sensory invitations, reflections and culminating in a traditional tea ceremony.

To book a forest bathing session at Whinlatter head over to the Lakeland Wellbeing website. Oh and if you need a nice reliable pair of wellies for the occasion, head to to browse our bestselling collection of wellies for women, men and kids.

Fancy joining the 7 North team? Head over to our Vacancies page where you can find all our current job vacancies based in Carlisle, Cumbria.

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